Austin Adams

Austin grew up in Princeton – a town in Western Kentucky – and came to Louisville as an outcrop of a sentence executed by the Kentucky Department of Corrections. He began his journey of self-discovery in his younger years, but his self-described torrid love affair with drugs brought about much stifling along the way. With over three years devoted to his own recovery, Austin attributes his transformational journey to a synthesis of a wide range of various philosophies and practices. He is set to graduate from Lindsey Wilson College with a Bachelor’s in Human Services and Counseling and will be begin working toward a Master’s shortly thereafter. He remains energized about his role at the LRCC and looks forward to promoting social justice and self-discovery through his role on our team.

Shaneka Bond

Shaneka has immersed herself in the daily functions and flows of the LRCC since joining our staff in the spring of 2021. She does everything with passion, and her role here is no different. From her post at the front desk, she has a knack for sharing resources and information with both staff and LRCC members, as well as helping facilitate a greater degree of order and organization to our physical space. A mother of one (with another on the way!) Shaneka is a joy to be around and is making the most of her time here through JCTC’s Ready to Work program. She devotes herself to her work in pursuit of a degree in criminal justice.

Stephanie Coy

With over three years in recovery, Stephanie joined the LRCC in the spring of 2021. She is not only a Peer Support Specialist, but also recently obtained her 200-hour Yoga Teacher certification. Her ultimate dream in life is to become a Yoga Therapist, specifically working with persons who have a history of trauma and addiction. Through her lived experience as a formerly incarcerated person, she has developed a unique and beautiful capacity to be both immensely compassionate and a no-nonsense dynamo. Stephanie is also a single mother of two children and her inherent driven positivity enables her to bring out the best in those around her – both LRCC members and colleagues alike.

Vincent Gonzalez

A well-known face in the Louisville community, Vince has been in the social work field for over fifteen years. In his work life, he has particular interest and expertise in adolescent psychotherapy for those living with Substance Use Disorders, as well as group work with persons recently release from incarceration. His overall mission in life is to pursue the highest form of social equity and to take part in the collective liberation of all living things. Vince received his MSW from the University of Louisville and the primary driving force behind our mobile unit (MORE). Vince is a father, friend to all, and a source of joy everywhere he goes.

Lexa Harley

Above all else, Lexa is an absolute force to be reckoned with. When she first came to the LRCC as a member, she hit the ground running in support of her own recovery, as well as the personal journeys of others around her. Even before officially joining us as an employee, Lexa was already providing information on local resources and programming to both staff and fellow members. Lexa is always true to her word with those around her, but more importantly, with herself. The first day she entered our doors, Lexa expressed a desire to pursue training and certification as a Peer Support Specialist; earlier this year, she did just that. Lexa is a mother of four, a mobile outreach powerhouse, and has been on her own recovery journey for about two years now.

Tislarod “Tish” Johnson

Tish has been with the LRCC since even before the grand opening. A certified Peer Support Specialist, she used to work in Seven Counties’ “The Living Room” before it closed, so her transition into her current role on our team was seamless. With almost a full decade in recovery, Tish is also a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She loves all things seafood and home cooking, and will probably invite you over for dinner at some point. All biases aside, Tish is genuinely one of the most kind and lovable people you could ever hope to meet, and she adds warm and light to any room she steps into.

Anna Kate McWhorter

A Louisville native, Anna Kate came to the LRCC with a seemingly haphazard employment history mostly consisting of farm work, service industry experience, and visual art. They came on board right after our grand opening in 2019 and have been with us ever since. After graduating from Berea College in 2014, Anna Kate went on to a do a brief stint in Divinity School at Wake Forest University before ultimately returning to Louisville. What was intended to be a short leave from school became a pivotal move in allowing themself to plant roots back in Kentucky and embark on their own recovery journey. Their experience as a person living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Bipolar Disorder adds to their ability to connect with others who experience Co-Occurring Disorders.

Ebone Sloan-Davis

Since joining us back in 2020, Ebone also came to us through the Ready to Work program at Jefferson Community and Technical College (a local work study initiative). Working at the front desk, she is often the first face to greet folks as they come in to meet with Recovery Coaches and utilize LRCC services. Having been with us for some time now, Ebone has added new skills to her repertoire through in-house trainings and has a wide knowledge base for community resources, which has made her even more of an asset to the LRCC. She plans to utilize her experiences here to enhance her skill set, as she pursues a degree in nursing. Furthermore, Ebone is able to welcome members in especially impactful ways through her knowledge of American Sign Language, her drive for putting her religious faith into action, and her skillset as a working mother.

Damin Williams

Rooted in the Louisville, Kentucky area, Damin is a multifaceted person of many experiences and ambitions. From his academic background in business and accounting, to his checkered past – which he considers one of his greatest assets – Damin shines as an individual passionate about the needs of the community and the services required therein to increase awareness and positive change. With an understanding toward the journeys of others and the turmoil that can entail, he demonstrates a keen ability to empathize with anyone he meets with an immense depth of compassion. Damin has developed this skill through his own life-staggering experiences, including chaotic substance use, time spent in prison, and the complexities of self-identity sustained from sexual molestation. When asked about what he does for a living, he will proudly respond, “I save lives.”
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