Stephanie Coy

Stephanie Coy

With over three years in recovery, Stephanie joined the LRCC in the spring of 2021. She is not only a Peer Support Specialist, but also recently obtained her 200-hour Yoga Teacher certification. Her ultimate dream in life is to become a Yoga Therapist, specifically working with persons who have a history of trauma and addiction. Through her lived experience as a formerly incarcerated person, she has developed a unique and beautiful capacity to be both immensely compassionate and a no-nonsense dynamo. Stephanie is also a single mother of two children and her inherent driven positivity enables her to bring out the best in those around her – both LRCC members and colleagues alike.
Tish Johnson

Tislarod “Tish” Johnson

Tish has been with the LRCC since even before the grand opening. A certified Peer Support Specialist, she used to work in Seven Counties’ “The Living Room” before it closed, so her transition into her current role on our team was seamless. With almost a full decade in recovery, Tish is also a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She loves all things seafood and home cooking, and will probably invite you over for dinner at some point. All biases aside, Tish is genuinely one of the most kind and lovable people you could ever hope to meet, and she adds warm and light to any room she steps into.
Derek Roberts

Derek Roberts

Derek has lived a life with trauma, PTSD, domestic violence, chronic illness, and SUD. These experiences practically guaranteed him a life of addiction. Despite this, Derek learned about his trauma, then learned how to begin healing. The journey wasn't easy, but he walked the road of recovery (more than once) through the fears, and did the work that was required of him. It became apparent that advocating for people in
recovery and for those who needed healing was something that he was called
to do. There weren't a lot of resources available that he knew of during
his struggles. Because of this, he hopes to offer hope, support, compassion, empathy, tools, and a trauma-informed outlook to those he meets along his path. He believes that those of us who have experienced trauma, mental health disorders, substance use disorders, or co-occurring disorders can attain a life beyond our maladies and begin to heal.
Madison Wiley

Madison Wiley

Madison joined the team in January 2022 as the Recovery
Services Coordinator. Graduating in 2019, Madison holds a Bachelor's degree
in Health Services from the University of Southern Indiana. Her dedication
to evidence-based practice and holistic care stems from a desire to create
optimal care environments for both staff and participants alike.
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